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Thane’s Table is a locally owned and operated restaurant and bar, specifically for gaming - of all sorts! Jillian and Abhi poured their heart and soul into building this business, starting in January of 2022. Along the way, they came across many a hurdles and with the help of Abhi’s sisters Pragya and Divya; and with the help of Jillian’s brother, Nathan, and many other volunteers from the local gaming community - Thane’s Table finally opened on the eve of November 26th, 2022!

Thane's Table is a gaming tavern for tabletop gaming of all kinds, including board games, role-playing games, and group trivia events! Thane's Table aims to provide the perfect ambiance and amenities for gamers in all genres. We have a full bar and kitchen serving cocktails, beer, flatbreads, soups, and much more! Abhi's favorite Indian book is called Madhushala, which translates to 'Meadery.' The book is a compilation of beautiful poems about the author's love for mead - and Thane's Table is our ode to anyone looking for their Madhushala! Thane's Table is a custom tavern built specifically with tabletop gaming in mind, while enjoying food and drinks with friends and family. Jillian and Abhi did a majority of the tenant finish work, interior decor and installation with their own hands - with tremendous help from all their loved ones. Thane's Table is a bar built by the community for the community, and it gives us all great happiness!

We serve spirits and food, but most of all, experiences!

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